Institut français de Grèce

New digital identity for one of the most beloved and acclaimed educational organisations in Greece


  • Art Direction

  • User Experiece

  • Website Design

  • Website Development


  • Creative Direction & Design:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Coding:

The Institute in history

Since its founding in 1907, the French Institute has played a vital role in our country’s history, not only as a hub of French education and cosmopolitanism, but also as an intrepid defender of freedom of speech and expression, guiding and supporting Greek intellectuals, artists and scientists, in times of political and financial uncertainty and striving to make their work universally accessible.



New Era

Today, the French Institute of Greece in Athens, is making a holistic shift in its communication by renewing its online presence in order to better meet the digital needs that our new everyday life has shaped for us as an audience.

The design of the new website for the French Institute of Greece in Athens was assigned to AG Design Agency, who undertook the User Experience research and analysis, the design of the new User Interface, the implementation of the website programming and the Institute’s digital brand (re)positioning strategy.


The Challenge

Given the Institute’s extensive program of educational and cultural activities and the fact that the website is used by a diverse audience of different ages and needs, a carefully mapped strategy was created which led to a radical change in the way the information is organized and presented.

A meaningful digital connection between a deeply loved organisation and its audience.

Le nouveau site
fait la différence !

The Solution

The new digital portal of the French Institute of Greece in Athens is more user-friendly and easily accessible to all its visitors, providing intelligible categorization of the information regarding course registrations, exam results, events, film screenings and historical content.

France’s pivotal role in shaping the modern Western culture is marked through a color scheme inspired by landmarks of French literature and the arts. The close Greek-French relations is captured through typography, using two fonts that coexist harmoniously and help to break up the content, making it easy for readers to scan. The balanced, geometric Asty (designed by Panagiotis Haratzopoulos), with its morphological simplicity and references to the early 20th century, facilitates reading in both dense text and titles, while the timelessly elegant Garamond (its Greek version designed by Hector Charalambous), the font used for the logo of the French Embassy in Greece, pays homage to the French culture.

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