Whether you are an existing or a prospect client, already part of our team of professionals or you would like to join us in our continuous quest for great design, this is a brief introduction into our culture, our goals and the ways we like to work and collaborate.

  • Welcome to AG

We are a group of dreamers, thinkers, designers, writers and makers who believe that great products can only be made by people who really care.

AG was established by Alexandros Gavrilakis with the intention to create a dynamic assembly of diverse talents, disciplines and skills, fostering an open, collaborative process among people who share a passion for problem solving and marvelously well-made, human-centered design.

It is OK to be different

We are an agency specifically conceived to deliver great design and brand communications across industries and categories, products and services, continents and cultures.

One-size-fits-all formulas are not really our thing, and they certainly should not be yours either. This is why we shape our team and processes around our client’s legacy, individual set of dreams and business objectives, each time bringing together the right experience and expertise to solve the challenge in hand.

Let’s stick together

We know that what we’ve set out to do is not easy but we do it by always sticking together.

We work with a select few clients at a time and we go wherever a project might take us.

Thank God for our brilliant team members and for technology, we are all keen and perfectly equipped to always stay connected, to keep providing an unbeatable interdisciplinary offer and developing truly innovative visual solutions that work for our client’s now, and into the future.

Keeping the balance

In order to meet our clients’ diverse needs and help them to successfully compete in the current business environment, we are building our team drawing on the benefits of international diversity, bringing together people from many cultures with varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and design challenges.

But creating successful work groups is hard enough when everyone is local and people share the same office space. When team members come from different countries and functional backgrounds and are working in different locations, working as a single entity and sharing a common purpose is not always enough; we actively try to respect and learn from one another, and to make up for the lost face-to-face time by building “deliberate moments” into our process of meeting virtually: regularly checking in and asking how things are going, encouraging small talk and planning brainstorming sessions where people feel free to evaluate agenda items and contribute their ideas.

Some things that are important to us

We are designing for a better world and creating experiences that benefit people, businesses and the environment.

This means we are looking to work with people and businesses who are truthful and communicate with clarity and directness.

We won’t collaborate with anyone that is not being honest, doesn’t recognise the true value of our work or doesn’t respect our procedures.

We believe in those who are small but think big

Though we are passionately against free creative pitches – the reasons for this are many and we are always available to explain why – we are also pretty familiar with the fact that when it comes to business, first impressions count big time.

And because we know that when you are a start-up nothing is more painful than realising you have created something awesome, but you can’t seem to make anyone look at you, or worse, care, we are there to help. We’d love to hear your ideas and we’ll decide to work for equity over money if we really believe in a company.

We will help you establish what is truly unique about your brand, we will use this insight to design everything from your name to your logo, website and marketing materials and we will advise you on how to successfully drive community content.

After all, this is what we do best!

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