FERST Logistics

Repositioning an innovative Automotive Logistics company


  • Naming

  • Strategy

  • Branding


  • Creative Director:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Art Director:
    Anna Trympali
  • Animation:
  • Photos:
    Giorgos Vitsaropoulos


The Client

Τogether, as a great team, FERST provides you with the best solutions in the field of Automotive Logistics. A family business, currently running under the second generation. Powered by more than 100 employees forming a well trained, highly efficient and super energetic team, providing excellent vertical services in two adjacent sectors: Finished Vehicles and After Market Vehicles. The company’s name conveys trust, stability and reassurance. We are FERST, we lead the way.

Ferst Automotive Logistics


AG Design Agency studied the name and strategy, then created an identity that would stand out in a category overrun with symbols like arrows, roads and trucks.

We designed a unique, bold and distinct symbol that reflects our company’s core values: 1. Customer Focus 2. Team Spirit 3. Continuous Improvement 4. Sustainability

FERST Automotive Logistics AG Design Agency



We are Flexible, we have Expertise, you can Rely on us. We embrace and truly support the Sustainable development. We are a team that you can Trust. We are FERST.

FERST Automotive Logistics AG Design Agency
Ferst Automotive Logistics AG Design Agency
Ferst Automotive Logistics AG Design Agency

AG provided great branding service, gaining great feedback from the internal team and other collaborators.

The team provided smooth and fast peer-to-peer contact.

Dimitrios Kympizis
CEO Ferst Automotive Logistics




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