Vikelas Architects

Repositioning an iconic architectural firm



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  • Creative Director:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Art Director:
    Miltos Bottis
  • Curation & Program management:
    Design Ambassador

Ranked as one of the most important architecture and design firms in Greece.

The Client

The past seven decades they have designed and supervised over 800 projects: Town planning groups, apartment complexes, housing developments, mansions, office buildings, ministry buildings, town halls, libraries, educational institutions, hospitals, industrial buildings, church buildings, museums, exhibition pavilions, shops and banks, shopping malls, movie theatres, airports, factories, public parking structures, landscaping for public areas and squares, funerary monuments.

The Challenge

To meet the challenge of creating a piece of work that reflects the client’s reputation and long-lasting presence, AG developed a brand identity system with a timeless feel.

The Solution

The logo represents a ten story building created using the architect’s name, a wordmark with symmetry and vertical structure and a linking relationship with the architects’ work. The typographic system offers perfect flexibility for adapting the concept onto any possible design needs and applications, always by keeping the architects’ work in the forefront position.

The typographic system let us create endless communication material while the work of the architects remains the protagonist.

Alexandros Gavrilakis
Creative Director

Vikelas Architects have designed most of the Skyscrapers in Athens.

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