Sissy Raptopoulou

Branding an established architectural practice


  • Branding

  • Digital


  • Creative Direction & Design:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Program Management:
    Design Ambassador

The client

Sissy Raptopoulou is a Greek architect & interior designer. After founding the design practice “SR Architecture & Interiors” in the mid- 1980s, her work within the hotel industry & private housing built a reputation for delivering world class interior architecture & design.

Together with her team, are involved in a diversity of projects including high-end hotels, housing, restaurants, offices and bars, as well as interior and exterior constructions. They create warm, hospitable and functional spaces with continuity and flair, focusing on detail and the creation of becoming atmosphere.

Some of Sissy Raptopoulou’s clients include Porto Carras hotels, Marriott hotels & Stathokostopoulos Hospitality Group.

The Solution

AG Design was tasked by The Design Ambassador with devising a visual identity that communicates new personality for an established architectural & interior design practice such as Sissy Raptopoulou & Associates.

The edgy form of the mark resembles to the letter “R”, which is framed by a modern coat of arms. “R” from Raptopoulou, “R” from Regal, “R” from original work.

Keeping the brand’s positioning, the Architect’s portfolio keeps a coherent visual stance throughout the experience.

Sissy believes that quality of life is what we see. It is what our personal space radiates. Our everyday life.

Sissy Raptopoulou

Copper foil is used throughout the stationery, which along with the paper texture lead to an elegant & harmonious union of materials. As happens in architecture.

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