Diolkos Construction

Dynamic identity for a promising construction co.


  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Brand Story

  • Digital

  • Copywriting


  • Creative Direction:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Art Direction:
    Angelina Panagiotopoulou
  • Film Art Direction & Animation:
    Vasilis Skandalos
  • Curation & Program management:
    Design Ambassador


Construction is going through a shift that companies need to respond in order to stand out. Diolkos, member of Ravago Group – the largest service provider in the global market of plastics, rubber and chemicals – has identified the need to shift in the private sector with a new, more innovative and flexible face.


Diolkos team together with Design Ambassador partnered with AG to develop a holistic brand system that, in each element, focuses on the company’s dedication to transparency and sustainability.


AG crafted Diolkos’ new brand voice and communication material to capture their extensive knowledge and expertise in designing and implementing both private and public construction projects.

The new brand identity, visualizes the process of construction in a progressive and creative way. From the ground to the top, the pace and way of building is changing and the graphics follow. Each one describes a sector, while all together, the variety of skills a dynamic & engaging company has to offer.

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