Coperaco Coffee New York

Elegant new life of a desirable product


  • Packaging

  • Illustration


  • Creative Direction:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis
  • Art Direction:
    Angelina Panagiotopoulou

The Company

Coperaco is a boutique coffee roaster company operating in New York, Mexico and Colombia. Their new cafe in New York creates an idyllic sanctuary where patrons can savor the high-quality, carefully-roasted brew.

The coffee created by Coperaco—which can be found at some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels—is hand-roasted in small batches, and focused on the farming and harvesting of the fruit, creating a connection to the earth.


AG was asked to help create their brand elements, starting from their most extrovert point. Their coffee bags. Our role was to re-design their 12 & 35 oz coffee bags, giving an elegant new life and a desirable character to the product, bringing to life the components that holistically make up the Coperaco brand.

The illustration wrapping the bags take us a magical journey discovering the world’s best coffee plantations, local farmers and beautiful lands, rewarding excellence & craftsmanship. The coffee tree is there to remind us that producers are the heart of what makes coffee great.

A good roaster works tirelessly to preserve that coffee’s inherent greatness.

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