Building excellence through accreditation



  • Branding

  • Copywriting


  • Creative Director:
    Alexandros Gavrilakis

The program

The agricultural sector in the cross-border region of Greece and Albania has the potential to contribute much more to the countries’ overall development in terms of food security, economic growth and poverty reduction than it has actually done so far. For this reason, the project will pilot implement ISO 22000:2005 food safety management systems in selected (through an open call) businesses in the food chain. Excellence is conquered with effort.

Accreditation leads to export improvement, producing safer and more competitive products.

Hellenic Accreditation System

The Brand Identity

The symbol visualizes the two core pillars of the program. The tick depicts the accreditation and the arrow, the exporting. Essentially the same single line that starts as a tick, intersects the circle (which symbolizes the essence of the project) and ends with an arrow. The color of the line is separated in the middle of the circle, making clear the double meaning of the line.

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