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Highlights from the last 365 creative days | Alexandros Gavrilakis Design

AGD (Alexandros Gavrilakis Design) launched in April 2016, 3.650 days after Alexandros co-founded G. April 2016 marked a new beginning and a new, even more creative decade. 365 days later and AGD is proud to have clients who call themselves partners and collaborators who care like old friends.

Highlights from the last 365 creative days | Alexandros Gavrilakis Design


2017 is the year that Gazarte Cultural Hub will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary and AGD was assigned with the creation of a multi-touchpoint celebratory campaign. As part of the project, we designed a new visual identity and launched the “All eyes on Gazarte” (Ta matia strammena edo) campaign, counting more than 50 daily radio spots and countless web interactions. We designed the campaign and corporate material for the Hellenic Accreditation System, aiming to communicate the importance of accreditation as a process that leads to improved exports, safer production and more competitive products in the food market.

FreePOS banking service, the only billing service in Greece that works without a POS, hired AGD to design and develop a new brand identity and several digital applications based on the concept of freedom and flexibility. We were honored to work on the rebranding of Gloria, a long-respected all-time classic patisserie, famous for creating vibrant flavorful pastries for more than half a century. Tears for Ears, an identity designed for a friend during a Sunday afternoon, was received with enthusiasm by leading international design platforms, while it was granted a distinction at the EBGE awards.

We are in the process of designing premium food products for ODE Fine Foods, several new packaging for the awarded Cardinal Asian food products, a brand identity system for a 2.000 sq m space by the sea, the positioning and packaging design for a Farm in Evvoia, several websites, and so much more.


Travelling gives force, inspiration and free time to think new stories. This year we spoke Arabic, Sinhalese, Dhivehi, Maltese and Spanish.

Design Matters | Alexandros Gavrilakis Design


In May 2016 Alexandros gave a lecture for the pre-graduate students of the Athens Economic University presenting the best practices for building a successful Brand Identity. It was a truly interesting and rewarding experience for everyone involved. The student’s fresh ideas and enthusiasm, combined with the expertise of someone who has left the desks for years can lead to deep conversations and concepts that we never have imagined!

Another lecture, titled Design Matters took place at the Athens University of Economics and Business where MSc candidates learn to build ideas that work. AG’s desire was to convey the importance of design for a start-up by presenting some facts, such as the huge percentage of companies that believe design is very important for their success, the trend where startups have designers as founding members and the role of C-level executives in design-led decision making. The future of essential collaboration in other words.

In November 2016 AG gave a speech during the national conference of olive oil that took place at Athens President Hotel, explaining the importance of exporting quality products, not just products.

EBGE & Ermis greek design awards - Alexandros Gavrilakis Design


It has been an honor to be awarded at the leading EBGE & ERMIS Awards for Cardinal’s new brand & packaging design, Tears for Ears logo, Gloria’s advert, and shortlisted for projects such as the Gazarte brand & anniversary identity, event posters and stage animations, and Gloria’s limited edition posters!

Highlights from the last 365 creative days | Alexandros Gavrilakis Design


This year AG was asked to take part in the jury of the two leading national design competitions. Both celebrate outstanding work in the design and advertising industry. Starting with the most recent, ERMIS Design Awards 2016, AG was super grateful to be part of this jury! We spent two wonderful days filled with great conversations on contemporary design. Earlier in 2016, and while AG was still collaborating with g design studio, he was a member of the jury at the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EBGE). Voting for the best of show is not an easy task. It’s very inspiring though.

Highlights from the last 365 creative days | Alexandros Gavrilakis Design

This is an opportunity to thank everyone who works with AGD, offers their support and advice, sends innovative briefs to work with, provides beautiful office space, likes and shares our work. We’re inspired by these collaborations; that keep our mind fresh & sharp.

The past 365 days have been extremely creative and productive, building truthful identities, functional packaging for new products & innovative services. Here is to the next 365 coming up!

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