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New Website for the Doctors of the World Greece

AG Design Agency Doctors of the World Greece New Website mdmgreece.gr

The client
Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde) offer aid to the most vulnerable individuals worldwide while campaigning to eradicate healthcare inequalities. Their mission is to provide medical care to all irrespective of gender, origin, sexual orientation, ideology, or political beliefs, while upholding the immeasurable value of human life.

Founded in 1990, the Greek arm of the organisation maintains its core beliefs by continuously aiding and providing healthcare to individuals requiring it.

Designing for a cause
AG Design Agency carried out a thorough study for the design of a new website for Doctors of the World Greece, which will help the organisation achieve several communication goals. The new website is the main expression of the organisation’s new unified visual identity, which follows Doctors of the World’s global brand guidelines.

This will raise the organisation’s public profile and increase the impact of its communications, resulting in a more extroverted approach. With the need for direct and easy communication with the public, the new website not only conveys the renewed narrative, but also encourages and facilitates interaction.

Website experience
We have harnessed the power of today’s digital technology to improve the use and experience of the new site for both users and administrators. For the organisation, this means better management of content and inbound communications through automated features and streamlined contact forms.

A key aim of the project was to increase donations, and the new UX is tailored to achieve this: calls to action are strategically placed and the dedicated donations page directs users to the donation of their choice. Additionally, donation management has been simplified and automated to further support the organisation’s fundraising efforts.

AG Design Agency Doctors of the World Greece New Website mdmgreece.gr

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